Listening spectrum 2007

Listening spectrum
Originally published 1/23/2007
(I adapted this from a jazz newsletter; I think that writer adapted it himself from a music-appreciation class.)
In most clubs, the best it gets is number 3, often it stays at number 2.
When I give a concert I strive, and often manage to, get the listeners up to level 4. That creates a very satisfying experience for me and the listeners.
Level 5 is where you have to go to learn a piece from a record. I try to get my students to do that.
Whichever point you are usually at in listening, try to take it up to the next level!

Listening spectrum

1. Oblivious – Listener is asleep or totally ignoring the music.

2. Somewhat aware – Listener is talking or doing some other activity while music plays in background.

3. Attention engaged – Paying attention, maybe singing along or dancing.

4. Highly attentive – What the musicians and intense listeners do: pay close attention to the music’s structure, almost in conversation with performers

5. Analytical – Breaking it down note for note, concentrating hard and learning the piece as you listen to it over and over, working at it.

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