No-knead no-preheat sourdough bread 2007

No-knead no-preheat sourdough bread
Originally published 4/8/2007

OK, I have to admit I’ve converted. A longtime sourdough home baker, I was skeptical of this no-knead craze. But I’ve been doing it for a few months now and the only drawback is that it makes only one loaf at a time (I used to make two and slice-and-freeze one). Of course I could double the recipe. But it’s easier to make, so now I just make it twice as often and don’t freeze any. No knead, no preheat, no oven-spray, no slash!
I use:
2 cups unbleached bread flour
1 cup mixed whole-grain flours (whole wheat, rye, barley, whatever you like)
2-1/2 tsp salt (yes, I thought it was excessive when I read that number in The Oregonian’s no-knead article but it works great)
Mix those dry ingredients, then mix in
1/3 cup (recently recharged) liquid sourdough starter with enough water added to total 1-1/2 cups liquid.
Stir it up well, cover with plastic wrap, wrap bowl with blanket, leave about 15-20 hours, until risen and bubbly. Take it out and fold it over a few times (on well-floured or nonstick surface, with floured hands), cover with wrap, let sit 15 min, shape into ball, cover well with coarse cornmeal, wrap in towel, let it about 3-6 hours, until risen. Flop into cast-iron dutch oven, cover with lid, place into cold oven, turn oven on to 450. Bake 45 min covered, then remove lid and bake another half hour or so, until browned and hollow-sounding when tapped top and bottom. Let cool and eat.

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