Habanero vodka

There’s a hot new drink on the menu at Casa Naranja (4205 N Mississippi Ave, Portland): Spicy Bloody Marys made with vodka that is house-infused with my homegrown hot peppers! Usually habaneros (of two different varieties, so the drink might taste different depending on what’s gone into the bottle that week) but also sometimes some fatalii, fish, Thai or serrano peppers. The harvest is winding down, so get there fairly soon (although once the peppers are in the booze it lasts awhile — until it gets drunk). If you’re really daring, just order a straight shot of the pepper vodka (or the new pepper tequila that they’re experimenting with). Sip it and once you get over the shock of the hotness, you detect and enjoy all kinds of peppery-vegetal flavors. A beer on the side is nice, and a water on the side of that. And if you go, go on a Sunday between about 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. — that’s when I play the blues, unplugged, for your listening, dining and drinking pleasure. Cheers!  

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