Fetch It! CD about to be released

Fetch It! front cover, art by Christopher Livingstone

Fetch It! front cover, art by Christopher Livingstone

The new Steve Cheseborough CD, Fetch It!, is now in production and should be available right around Dec. 30. A CD -release party is scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan. 23 at Holman’s Bar and Grill (which as of January, like all bars and restaurants in Oregon, will be non-smoking), 15 SE 28th Ave (just south of Burnside Ave), Portland. Holman’s is the site of Brad Lee Brenner’s live River City Juke Joint program on KMHD radio,  89.1 FM, and the CD release party will go on during the radio broadcast, in the Barenaked Lounge.

The CD’s contents, with notes:

Hear Me Talking to You (Ma Rainey) — the CD title is part of the lyric from this song by the Mother of the Blues
Who Broke the Latch? (Bo Carter)  — An early, vaudeville-ish number by my favorite artist
Love with a Feeling (Tampa Red) — I dug out the slide for this one, which offers good advice to the men
One Dime (Blind Lemon Jefferson) — From the masterful Texas guitarslinger who popularized the whole concept of a solo male singer-guitarist as the model of a blues singer. Before him, all the blues stars were women.
Shake Your Hips (Slim Harpo) — Let’s go down to Louisiana for this one, featuring harp of course
Vicksburg Blues (Little Brother Montgomery) — Montgomery was a pianist but I managed to get this slow-slow blues happening on the six-string. A tribute to a lovely riverside city where Montgomery ruled.
Polly Wolly Doodle (Trad.) — That Trad. sure can write a song, can’t he? A harp-and-hambone workout
Arrangement for Me (Bo Carter)
Little Ole Wine Drinker Me (Jennings/Mills) — Originally recorded by Dean Martin. Yes, that Dean Martin. A couple years ago at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Steve Baughmann got me and everyone else singing this one at 3 a.m. I kept working with it and here it is. Suitable for country radio play!
Shortnin’ Bread (Trad.) — Everybody loves this number.
Who’s Been Here? (Bo Carter) — Bo wants to know.
Last Kind Words (Geechie Wiley) — One of the most haunting songs ever recorded, I tried recording this song for my previous CD and wasn’t quite happy with the results. Here’s another go at it. Geechie Wiley is a mysterious wonder.
Been Mistreated (Georgia Tom) — Tom wrote this before he became Thomas A.Dorsey, Father of Gospel Music. Another one I transcribed from piano to guitar. The words are just perfect.

Voice, guitar, harp, percussion and arrangements by Steve Cheseborough
Copyright 2009 Steve Cheseborough
Chezz-Tone Records #004
Recorded and mastered by Nick Moon, Tone Proper, Troutdale, Ore.
Art and design by Christopher Livingstone

To order: Check back on this site or at cdbaby.com, preorder now by paypal, $15 + $3 S&H, or come see and hear me at the CD-release party or any of my gigs!

Fetch It! back cover, art by Christopher Livingstone

Fetch It! back cover, art by Christopher Livingstone

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5 Comments on "Fetch It! CD about to be released"

  1. Raul
    09/03/2009 at 10:46 am Permalink

    Hi Steve

    I heard your music (hip shake) on the radio last week friday on the crazy bout the blues show with Kathleen Lawton. I loved the your sound/style , so I tried looking you on google and was very difficult cause I wasn’t sure on the spelling of your last name.I went on the radio shows web and looked up the play list for that night 3-06-09 when I heard you. I wish you had some gigs down here in california, I’d go see you. If at all possible let me know when your down our way in the central valley area Modesto ,CA or near by . Thanks I’ll be buying cd’s soon.

  2. admin
    30/03/2009 at 11:28 am Permalink

    Raul — Thanks for the compliments and for figuring out the spelling of my name and tracking me down! I would love to come play some shows in your area — please let me know of any venues that would be good for a solo acoustic blues act. And best of all are house concerts — want to host one? Or know someone who might? Cheers, SC

  3. E Dan Barker
    04/02/2012 at 4:59 pm Permalink

    Heard you on public access tv and had to hear it all. Love your old style and songs. If you announce your shows , I’d like to catch your performance. E Dan

  4. chezztone
    04/02/2012 at 7:16 pm Permalink

    Dan — I believe you can find out where I playing by clicking on the “calendar” link on my website. Try it and let me know if that works! Also I can add you to my email list. I send out an email about once a month. Hope to see you at one of my shows soon — make sure to say hello! Cheers, SC


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