chicken soup!

I’m laid out with a bad cold. I even lost my voice during a gig two days ago. First time that ever happened to me. I kept trying to sing but certain notes just wouldn’t come out and the croaky voice didn’t sound like me. Scary. A friend says it’ll come back in a few days. Still bad today; all congested in my chest and sore throat too.

But anyway, I’m not writing to complain about my health…I made myself a pot of chicken soup yesterday and it was fabulous! Guess I don’t have to wait until I’m sick again to make it again. And you don’t have to, either. I asked at the supermarket meat counter for chicken necks and backs. And they brought them out from the back, even though they weren’t in packages out front they do have them. So make sure to ask. Cost half the price of regular chicken and make the great soup.
The recipe: Two pounds of chicken parts, a carrot, an onion (stuck with whole cloves if you have), some celery, some garlic, lots of salt, pepper (black and red), thyme. Cover with water. Cook for two hours, strain. (You can pick the meat off the bones, but its flavor and nutrition should all be in the broth by now. Same with the vegetables.) Adjust seasonings, heat the broth, cook small pasta in it, serve with grated cheese and a slice of lemon. 

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