Down at the BB King Museum

The BB King Museum — a great new stop on the blues tour! I got to play and speak there recently, the weekend before the annual BB King Homecoming, when BB comes back to his hometow —  Indianola, Miss. — to play outdoors and in a club.  And I stopped back down in Indianola during the homecoming, to say hello to BB and to sign copies of my book, Blues Traveling. The museum gives you a copy as a membership bonus. So if you don’t yet have the third edition, consider joining the BB King Museum and receiving a copy.

It is probably the best blues museum there is. Don’t get me wrong — I love every blues museum, even the one-room ones that are shrines to individual musicians, such as the Howlin’ Wolf Museum in West Point, Miss., and the Mississippi John Hurt Museum in Avalon. And I love the bigger ones too. But this one had the bigges budget of any of them (I believe it was $25 million over 10 years of design and construction), and it was well spent. It includes movies, listening stations, rare photos, actual artifacts, a re-creation of his bus and one of his office, etc etc. It centers on BB King of course but as you tour it you learn about the area, many other musicians in many genres, U.S. history etc. And the museum hosts plenty of activities, like the lecture/performances by Steve Cheseborough, guitar lessons by local bluesman Jerry Fair, art exhibits, a farmer’s market, etc. Great place.0605091804

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