Blues tours

Explore the Mississippi Delta with Blues Traveling author Steve Cheseborough as your personal guide. Find jook joints, the Crossroads, all of Robert Johnson’s graves. Eat barbecue, catfish and collard greens. This tour works best with two to four people, plus the guide, traveling by car. If you are flying to the Delta, you should arrive in Memphis, Tenn., or Jackson, Miss., and we’ll start the tour there. If you have special interest in certain musicians (e.g., Muddy Waters, Tommy Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Memphis Minnie, B.B. King, R.L. Burnside, T-Model Ford) let us know and we can design the tour around places (and people if possible) connected to that musician. Music lessons, cotton picking, barbecue cooking, etc. can be included — or just kick back and let Cheseborough take you to all of his favorite places, and maybe sing you a few songs as we go along. Cost per day for one to four travelers (not including food, transportation or lodging): $500, plus my roundtrip airfare to Memphis or wherever we meet to begin your tour. We will be happy to help set up transportation and lodging. And if a bigger group wants to come, we can work that out too, including bus rental if necessary.